All One Bar in Manchester

All One Bar is surrounded by the busiest bars and restaurants in Manchester and has the top end of the designer retail outlets within its sight for ladies who like to shop until they drop which Exclusive Company Manchester escorts ( www.exclusivecompanyescorts.co.uk ) love to frequent regularly All Bar One, 73-79 King Street, Manchester, M2 4NG is a wining and dining establishment where young professionals can enjoy a spot of lunch or catch up with friends and colleagues after a long hard day in the office.

Outside all in one bar Manchester

The interior is spacious and is comprised of one enormous room with the area at the rear being more appropriate for dining out with your loved one and high tables and tall chairs nearer to the front which are ideal for people who are popping in to quench their thirst with a cocktail or cold beer before returning home.

inside all in one bar Manchester

The lighting in the evening is low and romantic without being too dark and the music is set at a level that doesn’t distract from the conversation or amorous liaison you may be enjoying with the lady of your dreams.


One major flaw with the layout of this bar in my opinion, is that the toilets are located at the top of quite a long flight of stairs, whilst this is not so much of an issue at the start of the evening it can start to become more of a challenge as the cocktails and gin and tonics are flowing through out the evening.


Two full walls are glass faced and so are perfect for patrons who wish to indulge in a bit of people-watching, observing all of the crowds bustling busily by in Manchester city centre. It also gives the area a more open feel and allows natural light to filter in during daylight hours.


If you pop in to eat a meal then you can choose from a varied menu including a selection of sublime desserts and yummy starters with a good selection of vegetarian options. The food is reasonably priced – however, the drinks are a little more on the pricy side compared to the near by wine bars in which Exclusive Company Manchester escorts often regularly visit.


If you choose to drop-in in the evening for a drink and you are feeling a little adventurous, then perhaps you could indulge in one of a range of tasty cocktails. From refreshing peach and Rhubarb Collins to a creamy and tropical Pina Colada, there will be something on the menu to tempt almost any palate.


Overall, the experience at lunchtime is quite relaxing and service is friendly, if sometimes a little on the slow side. In the early evening the establishment is much busier and there is more of an energetic vibe – especially if you were to visit on a Friday evening – when office workers are celebrating the end of a long week with a swift drink after work and looking forward to the weekend ahead in this cosmopolitan city Manchester.

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