Sloane Square escorts seem to be taking over the market

Sloane Square escorts seem to be taking over the market at the moment; a huge influx of girls staying in the two main apart hotels in the area has seen the market sway towards the area. Many of the girls in the area are charging the lower end of the rates scale, which means that business really is booming. However as you are aware from my previous posts, I am a lover of the more elite escorts that London has to offer, that being said there is still plenty that Sloane Square has to offer somebody like me. Two of my best experiences have happened in Sloane Square, and both have been in recent weeks; and for a final coincidence both have been thanks to one agency in particular, that agency being Mayfair Girls. I have used this agency a few times, and each time they have been really helpful and I would definitely recommend them. The two girls that I am speaking about are Lindsay and Tiffany, both very different but both very special in their own way.


Lindsay is a stunning blonde girl who has a slender body which looks even better in person, when I met her she was very polite and invited me in, I had a great time getting to know her and an even better time when she started a striptease which saw me reach levels on excitement I didn’t know existed, the whole experience really was one of a kind in my eyes. Tiffany was a different type of sexy, she was huge breasted something that certainly put a smile on my face, I had lots of fun running my hands all over her body, something that made me feel very good indeed.

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